I am not Steve Biko, for I cannot write what I like. As my black consciousness is still oppressed by my pride. I can try to be Ghandi, But I can only do so much as change the world with just a paper and a pen. Please do not Ask me to be Mandela For... Continue Reading →

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When Will it End? #BLM

It was 1:56 PM on the 9th of April 2020 when we received a wechat message from my landlord saying I quote " Hello, the epidemic prevention and control requirements, Xiancun Police station requires ALL AFRICANS to be isolated at home for 14 days, The government requires quarantine, the attitude is very tough. I hope... Continue Reading →

I hid it beneath my skin

As tough as nails, a metaphor describing my skin. Scorched by hate, burnt to brownness by the harshness of  words. But I hid it beneath my skin The need to wail with hands above my head, teeth gnashing. I smiled as though the world hasn't poured molten despises on my legs, leaving me crawling, while... Continue Reading →


When darkness seems to be tale of the day and the night a master of doubt and sorrow. May we be the light. When the brave have fallen and the battle seems lost. May we be the courage for the weak as they bear the torch in the fight. When ground has swallowed heroes and... Continue Reading →


I could hate you, but I cannot fathom what hate is For I have known none. Somehow I scold myself for believing you were capable of love I guess moving on for you is but a hobby something you do on a daily. People's lives are just an adventure for you, Something to see, invade,... Continue Reading →

Am I Next?

I read a story today About a little girl who did not make it home from school. Ransomed for a price as though a value would ever pay for a life. I wondered if she was scared or maybe cold If she had her favourite teddy to keep her company while the boogeyman loomes. And... Continue Reading →

I won't lie, I am hurting Though I was hoping this thumb I was hiding behind was enough to shield me of how not so easy this is for me. I am Hurting, I won't lie.

Karma Came For Me

Karma came for me With his teeth, gnashing and gnawing To things I held dear, he came. For I had neglected his debt, and like debtor on month's eve He came to collect his dues.   Have I forgotten the hearts broken, tears wept, I like a fisherman, I caught joy on a hook. I... Continue Reading →

I'll scratch out this pain onto these pages until it doesn't hurt anymore.

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