To whom it may Concern


Dear Reader

It is so amazing how much you think you know people but at the end of the day it turns out you do not know them at all. In life we often meet different people or rather our lives forces us to cross paths with a variety of people and it is quite amazing how much those people tend to contribute to ones future.

These people could be friends you met at church, housemates or just fellow colleagues either at the university or at work. One thing I have realized when interacting with the people I have met is that they fall into two categories, “the Contributors and the Users”. The Contributors, these are type of people that bring something into your life this can either be pain or in most cases, joy. They come into your life and in just a few months of knowing them you can actually see some changes in your life either good or bad, they are the type of people that would make you laugh your heart out or even cry your lungs out. An interaction with Contributors would normally determine which path your life is headed as their presence in your life with either brings your success or failure.

The Users, these are the type of people that will enter or befriend you just for the sole purpose of using you, they will say nice things to your face but the moment you turn your back they surely kill you. Unfortunately your interaction with users will reduce your ability to trust or even allow people into your life. Users posses a rare talent, they can use words to construct sentences that would sound like sweet lullabies to your ears but when read backwards they are just merely slashed from a fiery whip. You fall in love quite easily with this type of people and with just the sound of their voice there is nothing you would not do for them. Most people like me have fallen into a trap of actually considering this type of people as friends only to realize after a very long time that all they ever wanted was a pound of your flesh. Most people who have had encounters with vile users have ended up with depression, considered suicide and some unfortunately even committed suicide.

Even though life has dealt me all the above cards I am grateful for all the good contributors in my life, people that have made me who I am today, but most importantly I owe the Users a special thank you for putting me where I am today, for without them I would not have been as strong as I am today.

If by any chance I have been a contributor or a user in someone’s life I hope I did not do you harm as it was not my intent.

Yours Sincerely

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