I am not Steve Biko, for I cannot write what I like.

As my black consciousness is still oppressed by my pride.

I can try to be Ghandi,
But I can only do so much as change the world with just a paper and a pen.
Please do not Ask me to be Mandela
For I can only seek vengeance, not peace for my enemies.
I may not possess a forgiving heart for the hardship that was once bestowed upon me!
I can aspire to be Martin Luther King Jr
For I have dreamed that one day I will travel the world without fear that I may never return home.
Dreams that maybe one day the crimes I committed with my skin colour will be found not guilty.
I can never be like Solomon Mahlangu.
For with its poison, my blood will kill the seeds that were meant to give rise to fruits of freedom.
Only weeds of hatred and suffering will grow on the soils nurtured by my blood.
Please I beg you do not compare me to the father of Humanity Robert Sobukwe.
For I am but a rebel daughter who murdered peace, kidnapped freedom itself.
My kindness is only war, my love brings only death.
But I am a black child of Africa,
Made a foreigner in my own continent.
Forced to feed off the scrapes that fall from the tables of those in power.
Like parasites they feed on my land,
I am meant to serve them the riches my forefathers gave to my people.
Do not ask me to be something I am not…


Add yours

  1. A good reminder that we cannot be perfect as no one is perfect, not even the heroes. But we can all be real. We can be who we are meant to be. Maybe we are all heroes in our own way. Thank you for the follow!


  2. Wow. This is beautiful and powerful and “educational”. I will take this in and take this to heart. Thank you for writing this — it must have cost you in deep soul-digging, you, the “Daughter of These Soils” also, a Daughter of These Souls. Shalom and keep fighting with your weapons of pen and paper. ~~ Jane


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