Did You Kill Your Own Goals?

Have you ever felt like your life at a stand still? Well I can assure you that you are not alone in that. Often times we set goals for ourselves not realizing how much it is going to cost us to reach those goals. How many times do we beat ourselves up when we do not succeed after putting in a lot of effort?

Although we may not realize this but when we set goals for ourselves we often consider other people and how they will react when we fail, and at the end of the day we have made the commitment to achieve something based on the standards people set for us. What if you are living a double life? What if who you are today is not really who you wanted to be ? or Have you ever considered the fact that you might be living someone else’s dream and not yours? Often times we suffocate and eventually kill our goals, in the process our inner selves die along with them.

How do we do this? We do this by continuously focusing on achieving the goals other people have set for us, we tend to neglect “The goal” or “The dream” and we we start living Their dream and achieving Their goals. Often times we wake up and it is suddenly too late to turn back and do things right.

Maybe you never wanted a science degree, all you ever wanted was to study art, publish a book and perform poetry. Yet today you have that science degree and you are starting to realize that you might have killed your own goals to fulfill other people’s dreams.

It is time you asked yourself….







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