Where was God?

Often times we encounter the question Where is God when things go wrong? Hence  why I decided to write the following poem, deriving it from most of the questions a lot of people have asked me. Where was God? The bible answers this question (John verses 1-4 ).


Where was God

Where was god, when the chimney smoke died?

For the fire cannot be lit.

When the fuel to keep it burning was swallowed by those with greed

Where was God when fields went bare and the soils hardened?

When the seeds sown wilted and the pests devoured.

When the rib cages swallowed and kept prisoner what was on the young’s flesh

Where was God

When the young men drank their sorrows to death, fathers hanged by their necks

And mother’s slaughtered in front of their children.

Where was God when the cotton fields were watered with the sweat of our fore-fathers?

When the knife of the gallows was draped with the blood of the weak and poor?

Where was God when lessons were taught by feeding men to hounds as the young watched in vain?

When the sisters were paraded and sold, brothers chained and mauled.

When lullabies were sung in secrets as insults played on the vinyl’s like melodies of old.

Hush! Little baby, grow up the shovel awaits, master wants his Gold.

Where was God when the sins of the fathers fell as slashed on the sons?

When the pains of mother’s labor neglected her own daughters to raise the master’s spawn

When the rains of humanity stopped and the droughts of anger feasted on the fields of peace?


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