Would You Choose Me?

If I wrote you a letter to say I love you this much
Would you choose me?
If I wrote it using quotes and words from renowned men and poets.
Would you know then whether or not this is worth it?

If the words I have said to were to be melodies sung in your favourite tune,
Would you choose me then?
If my voice was but a tune, strung at your command.
Would you decide then if I would be yours?

What if I , like the sun touched your skin each day.
Would you consider me worth it then?
What if like the moon, I carried your darkness and shone a light of hope to your sadness?
Would you choose me then?

4 thoughts on “Would You Choose Me?

Add yours

  1. Anita’s Hope is one for hoping on the kindness of others through the love of Christ. Christ makes all of us worthy from the beginning but our fruit is what maintains our individual worth to Him. To man our worth is fickle depending on the day.

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