I won't lie, I am hurting Though I was hoping this thumb I was hiding behind was enough to shield me of how not so easy this is for me. I am Hurting, I won't lie.

Karma Came For Me

Karma came for me With his teeth, gnashing and gnawing To things I held dear, he came. For I had neglected his debt, and like debtor on month's eve He came to collect his dues.   Have I forgotten the hearts broken, tears wept, I like a fisherman, I caught joy on a hook. I... Continue Reading →

I'll scratch out this pain onto these pages until it doesn't hurt anymore.


All the things she said to you about me... I'm sorry you believed her over me. All the things she whispered in your ear, Things that made you mad, and you despised me. I'm sorry! But you allowed her to come between us.   She made you think I wasn't good enough for you But... Continue Reading →

Let it Burn

I heard my life scream, trapped in failure, embodied in fear They tried to put the flames out, throwing sand and water I stood there and told them let it burn!   I was not scared anymore Pain was a dear friend to me, a peer from my childhood. I saw my life go up... Continue Reading →

Grandma Prayed

On brittle bones and frail knees, she knelt. Before the Rooster’s crow and nightingale chirp She whispered words in the quietness, Words so soft sounding like lullabies to children asleep. Grandma prayed, She began with gratitude for sight as the new day dawn, Another Day, for life given and health restored. On the hard and coldness... Continue Reading →

Would You Choose Me?

If I wrote you a letter to say I love you this much Would you choose me? If I wrote it using quotes and words from renowned men and poets. Would you know then whether or not this is worth it? If the words I have said to were to be melodies sung in your... Continue Reading →

Where was God?

Spoken In Riddles

Often times we encounter the question Where is God when things go wrong? Hence  why I decided to write the following poem, deriving it from most of the questions a lot of people have asked me. Where was God? The bible answers this question (John verses 1-4 ).

Where was God

Where was god, when the chimney smoke died?

For the fire cannot be lit.

When the fuel to keep it burning was swallowed by those with greed

Where was God when fields went bare and the soils hardened?

When the seeds sown wilted and the pests devoured.

When the rib cages swallowed and kept prisoner what was on the young’s flesh

Where was God

When the young men drank their sorrows to death, fathers hanged by their necks

And mother’s slaughtered in front of their children.

Where was God when the cotton fields were watered with the sweat of…

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The Garden

The Stories In Between

Dangling on the wrong side of yesterday
Searching for what I never had, within what’s left
Waiting for meaning in sun-bleached tomorrows
That never come
I wait, fading into times of solitude, obscurity
Trembling hands penetrate the earth
Digging a place for these hollow seeds
Sowing the indifference of days past
And those yet to come
But sometimes a breeze will blow
Hard enough to remind me
There’s something more beyond this
Empty plot where nothing new grows
Walled in, to protect the fragile, fertile soil
Buried memories, one-by-one, the regret
Never deep enough to contain their regrowth
But that’s okay, I suppose, there’s a reason for it all
In time I may understand, the way things grow
Within, beyond our control
As I wait for springtime and the possibility of new life
From the old, as the words drip from my mouth
To nourish these sentiments
That may one…

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I would hold on, but it seems there is nothing to hold on to I would remember but my memories have since aged and succumbed to pain. The face that was once my mother's, now just a blur A smudge, on memory's coat.   I would remember him, but it seems time forgets and the... Continue Reading →

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