Africa Return to the Soil

Africa return to the soil maybe one day you will be reborn with the spirit of Ubuntu Humanity restored, shame buried in the ashes. Return to the soil so mothers will no longer weep for their daughters, fathers for their sons.   Africa Return to the soil Let your mountains be reborn beneath the springs... Continue Reading →

The hand that gives…

May I be the hand that gives love Unselfish, sincere love. May I be the hand that gives water to the thirsty and food to the hungry.   I pray that I may be kind, selfless and true May I bring peace and harmony in the midst of war I pray that I may be... Continue Reading →

White Picket Fences

When I was young, I did not know I was black, or better yet I did not know there was a colour assigned to me. I did not know that this colour came with such struggles and difficulties, all I knew is that I was human. See I grew up in a small village up... Continue Reading →

Words of Love

You fooled me with words of love while the world laughed at my face You toyed with my emotions while you voice sounded so sincere. What is this thing you call love? and is it suppose to hurt?   You fooled me with words of love while the blind clearly saw your lies You fiddled... Continue Reading →


You will find him in the bushes being one with the wilderness You will find him in a temple with the monks, in a church with the priests Embraced by the seas, even winds know him by name To many he is a traveller on a bike. The sun has sat with him While the... Continue Reading →

Brown Eyes

Stare at me with those brown eyes Tell me hush! tomorrow is still to come, for today has brought nothing but tears. Tell me you are just asleep, when the sunrises you shall open those brown eyes and tell me, Hush! the sun will rise again tomorrow. Wake up! Wake up! I am waiting for... Continue Reading →

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